Phil Maxwell

The words and pictures of my friend Phil Maxwell:

The Big Society Explained

APRIL 13, 2011

The government claims the Big Society they want to install in the UK is a hugely ambitious and complex matter. Ministers sometimes find it difficult to spin the ‘BS’ in simple sound bites.

For a Tory explaining the Big Society is a bit like communicating the origins of the universe. It is shrouded in a degree of mystery. The mystery is essential because the Big Society has the same moral physiology of a pyramid sales scheme. The Big Societydepends on a government who falsely claim that society can be improved, healed and rejuvenated if we all work harder for less money. Like all pyramid schemes the only people who benefit from it are the con men and women who advocate it.

In order to clarify matters and remove any mystery the photo essay below explains the reality of the Big Society:

Whitechapel LibraryWhitechapel Library

The Big Society closes libraries.

Bus StopBus Stop, East London

The Big Society restricts public transport and increases fares.

Stop the WarStop the War protest

The Big Society accommodates war.

Demonstration against education cutsDemonstration against education cuts

The Big Society excludes the poor and many others from education.

A bank at Canary WharfA bank at Canary Wharf

The Big Society robs money from the poor and gives it to the banks and allows bankers to pay themselves huge ‘bonuses’.

A Hand in a hospitalA Hand in a NHS hospital, 2011

The Big Society is sacking health workers and believes hospitals should be run like a business for profit.

Electricity supply to LondonElectricity supply to London

The Big Society increases fuel poverty as it encourages energy companies to make greater profits.

Homeless person sleepingHomeless person sleeping in a cardboard box

The Big Society is cutting housing benefit and increasing the level of homelessness.

This explanation of the Big Society may not be as comprehensive as it could be. If I have missed anything out please let me know.

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