Letters Of A Dissatisfied Woman

Letters Of A Dissatisfied Woman

Book available to buy from Lutyens & Rubinstein bookshop in Notting Hill, Queens Park Books in Queens Park, West End Lane Books in West Hampstead and Lark London in Kensal Rise in London – and The Book House in Thame, Oxfordshire.

You can also purchase it on Amazon.

Ingrid Stone is a seasoned complainer. She wrote her first complaint letter at the age of eight and over the years has complained about everything from can-openers that should be renamed can’t-openers to cocoa powder that tastes like bad breath. Every letter is genuine.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Tim Rockins , who has created artwork for everyone – from Gorillaz and Kate Moss to Jake Chapman, Terry de Havilland and Agent Provocateur.


A Knife And A Fork

A Knife And A Fork

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A grown-up tale, loosely inspired by Alice In Wonderland, Alice is a celebrity chef who runs away from her own dinner party.
Ghosts, the media, food. Set in the present day, A Knife And A Fork is in part a social satire and a black comedy.

Alice Mocatta is giving a dinner party for her husband’s old acquaintances, a self-conscious London W11 media crowd. Unable to bear the dinner party any longer, Alice leaves the table during the dessert course and locks herself into a cupboard in the basement of the house, where she remains for most of the book.  Inside the cupboard, she finds objects – some more significant than others, which trigger recollections – in particular, memories of that last year before the dinner party.


The Underground Mouse

The Underground MouseClick here to read on your Kindle, iPad, computer or smartphone.

Dorito is no ordinary mouse. He lives with his family in the London Underground until he loses them during the chaos of 7/7. Dorito was born under the sign of the Dorito crisp packet, hence his name. He is the runt of the litter, and he and his family live westbound on the Circle Line at Edgware Road underground station. When he loses his family in the aftermath of the horrific events of 7/7, he must not only search for his family, but for his self-esteem.