The Underground Mouse

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Dorito is no ordinary mouse.  He lives with his family in the London Underground until he loses them during the chaos of 7/7.

Dorito was born under the sign of the Dorito crisp packet, hence his name.  He is the runt of the litter, and he and his family live westbound on the Circle Line at Edgware Road underground station.

When he loses his family in the aftermath of the horrific events of 7/7, he must not only search for his family, but for his self-esteem.


What People Say…

4 stars

A wonderful first children’s story by Ingrid Stone – I hope there will be more to come. It is just right for parents or grandparents to read with their little ones. You can feel that it has been written by a mother for her daughter; it tells of things she would be familiar with – the London Underground, the station names, the hurry of the passengers – all on a scale so much bigger than the young child. It relates an adventure on an even smaller scale: of a mouse who loses his parents and siblings after an explosion has interrupted the normal Underground way of life. It tells of his adventures as he manages to survive, and how in the end he gets back home. It would make a good childrens’ TV cartoon, better than many; but on second thoughts, that would waste the opportunity of child-parent special time.